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Catchers, Working With Your Umpire (Umpiring Made Easy Book 3)

Catchers, Working With Your Umpire (Umpiring Made Easy Book 3)

Author: Nick Rego Sr

Catchers, Working With Your Umpire (Umpiring Made Easy Book 3)To Purchase Or Get More Information

Asin: B004QTOQXS

Binding: Kindle Edition

Edition: 3.1

Label: GEP Store

Manufacturer: GEP Store

Publisher: GEP Store

Studio: GEP Store

Editorial Review: Catchers, Working With Your Umpire

An Instructional Aid For Coaches, Players and Umpires

An instructional booklet written by an umpire to improve the skills of catchers at all levels.

This insightful look into the working relationship between catchers and umpires reveals the advanced skills of experienced catchers and umpires.

We explain and show diagrams of the Strike Zone in a unique way to help players understand balls and strikes.

These are tips and tricks you won't learn anywhere else. It could take years to learn what you can read here in just a few minutes.

This booklet is a must have for coaches, players and umpires at all levels.

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